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We have two special raffles for you!

Online Raffle: Open to participants (age 18+) in Oregon at the time of purchase. The raffle will run from July 25th at 12pm to August 5th at 11:59am. Winners will be announced/drawn online on Saturday, August 5th at 12pm using Rally-Up's randomized online drawing and posted to our Facebook page. Winners will also be notified via e-mail & phone. (Max of 2,500 tickets available)

Event Raffle: Open to event attendees only and held in-person at Winetasia on Saturday, July 29th at 8:15pm. (Max of 1,000 tickets available)

1 Ticket


6 Tickets


15 Tickets


In-Person Winetasia Raffle Package Preview

Raffe in person

Family Fun

Experience Portal Escape Room, a family photo shoot, snag some Em's Baseball swag, visit the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art... and more!

... and more! Check back as we update the in-person raffle previews. 

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