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Winetasia at Home Package sales launched July 1st! Please visit this link at the Silvan Ridge Winery website
to purchase a package today. 


Package deliveries will be made by volunteers on July 31st between 10am and 12pm. We also have a pickup option available on July 31st. 


Each package includes a raffle ticket with an opportunity to win a special Foodie Package, exclusive to the Winetasia at Home packages! 

Winetasia at Home Package

1 bottle of Silvan Ridge Pinot

1 bottle of Silvan Ridge Pinot Gris

1 ($25) gift card to a Winetasia restaurant

1 ($25) gift card for Southwest Airlines

4 pack of Sassy Cupcakes

2 Winetasia wine glasses (optional)

1 raffle ticket for an exclusive foodie package

Free delivery to a local address (pickup also available)

Do you need help ordering? We are happy to help!  Send us a message at and we will get back to you within 2 business days. 

Cheers and thank you!

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